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+ Studs, Track, and Furring

SoundGuard™ Silent Framing System

The SoundGuard™ Silent Steel Framing System is an interior framing system specifically designed to easily construct partition walls with high STC ratings.

+ Deflection Clips

+ Secure Clips

+ Backing, Blocking, and Stiffeners

Priceless Header & Kwik-Jamb System

The Priceless Header and Kwik-Jamb System is an engineered header and jamb system that's cut-to-length and ready to install, saving 70% to 80% in labor cost over traditional methods. 

Priceless 'Perfect Curve' Products

There are endless possibilities with SCAFCO Perfect Curve products. Choose your solution for curved walls, circles, soffits, domes, and arched ceilings.

+ Shaftwall System

+ Head-of-Wall Deflection Systems

+ Miscellaneous Products

+ Purlins and Girts (Cees and Zees)