SCAFCO Commercial Grain Bins & Silos

Fifteen Commercial Silos in Ukraine

SCAFCO commercial grain bins and silos offer many outstanding strength and durability features. Wide corrugated steel sheets manufactured from high- strength steel, heavy-duty galvanized steel stiffeners, and strong box-rib roofs are some of the quality features available.

Our complete line of commercial bins and silos is available in diameters from 15 ' (4.57 m) to over 138' (42.06 m). Extra-tall sizes are available in all diameters. SCAFCO also has a full range of accessories available to complete your storage silo projects, feed storage solutions, and ethanol and bio diesel facilities.

Galvanized Steel Wall Sheets for grain silosGalvanized Steel Wall Sheets

Silo wall sheets are precision roll formed using galvanized steel with a minimum of 57 ksi (393 MPa) yield strength. Silo wall sheets are pre-punched in a single-stroke operation, assuring accurate hole alignment and uniform fit. SCAFCO's unique 42 and 2/3" (1.08 M) galvanized steel silo wall sheets have a 2 and 2/3" pitch and 1/2" (67.7 mm x 12.7mm) deep corrugation.


Grain Silo Side Discharge SystemSide Discharge System

SCAFCO's side discharge system allows gravity load out to trucks or rail cars. Interior flumes channel grain from the top storage level to the discharge chute. Our side discharge systems are available with 12" (300mm) square discharge pipes, racks, and pinion gates.


SCAFCO Silo StiffenersStiffeners

M-shaped stiffeners surpass the compressive strengths of previous open-faced stiffeners. This profile can handle the drawdown loads imposed by very tall grain bins and silos, as well as severe seismic loads. SCAFCO's M-shaped stiffeners utilize 57 ksi yield strength (393 MPa) [65 ksi] minimum tensile strength (445 MPa), hot-dip galvanized steel. Each bin and silo utilizes several stiffener gauges.

The stiffeners transfer drawdown loads from the side-walls to the foundation. In order to provide durable silo anchorage to resist lateral and uplift loads, the stiffener base plate is factory-welded to the bottom stiffener.

Commercial Silo Ladder SystemsLadder Systems

SCAFCO provides a complete ladder system inside and outside of the grain silo. Safety cages and rest platforms are also available.


Silo Access DoorsAccess Doors

Commercial grain bins and silos feature a heavy-duty 23 and 1/2" x 26" (597 mm x 660 mm) access door. Access doors are factory welded into the silo's wall sheet.

Customers may also select from these commercial silo door options:

  • Walk-in doors
     Heavy-duty 28" x 36" (710 mm x 915 mm) utility door. Heavy-duty walk-in door for easy access. 28" x 60" (710 mm x 1525).
  • Giant Doors
    Doors are designed for drive-in access for small front-end loaders or other equipment. Doors come in two sizes: 67" x 75" or 72" x 96" (1.7 m x 1.9 m or 1.8 m x 2.4 m).


Supreme Silos

SCAFCO Supreme Silo with a Supreme Storage Capacity in excess of 1.1 million bushels.

SCAFCO Supreme Bins/Silos offer the largest capacities of all the SCAFCO bins/silos. This series ranges from 120' (36.58 m) to 138' (42.06 m) diameters with capacities in excess of 1.1 million bushels (36,397 m³).

SCAFCO Supreme Bins/Silos stand apart from the competition with the largest clear span roof. Clear span means that there is no internal roof supports to impede clean out of the silo. SCAFCO Supreme bins/silos also feature corrugated roof panels adding strength and rigidity to the roof.

The SCAFCO Supreme Bins/Silos offer the largest standard peak load in the industry at 40,000 lbs (18,143.9 kg). SCAFCO roof structure features all cold formed, G-115 (350 grames/m²) galvanized support structure ensuring long life and service without the fear of losing your investment to corrosion.

All SCAFCO accessories are available on the Supreme line of bins/silos. These include optional roof stairways, interior and exterior ladders, side discharge kits, and giant doors for machinery access.

SCAFCO has also designed a custom "Quad F" aeration system providing the aeration required for the extreme capacities stored in the Supreme line of Bins/Silos.

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